Apple joins the 5G race with four new iPhones

Apple launches four iPhone for the first time at the same time, all of them equipped with 5G

Apple launches four iPhone for the first time at the same time, all of them equipped with 5G.

A month after the presentation of the new Apple Watch and iPads, Apple has once again convened the press to present what is undoubtedly its flagship product, the iPhone.

Despite the fact that the apple company has been adding new products to its catalog for some time (watches, speakers, headphones, and even all kinds of services), the iPhone is still responsible for 44% of the company’s revenue (only two years it was 60%). In fact, thanks to the good sales of the cheap iPhone, the iPhone SE, the technology company was able to weather the impact of the months of confinement.

Again, in an event 100% online and without public, Tim Cook has been in charge of announcing the company’s news, a total of four new iPhones, a cheaper and smaller HomePod speaker and a wireless charger, MagSafe.


With 5G, more powerful, more advanced and concerned about privacy and security. This is how Tim Cook, CEO of the company, has summed up the new Apple family.

These are the first 5G devices that the technology giant puts on sale in “a historic moment”, they have insisted, and with which it joins a new race in the smartphone market in which most of the competition he had already signed up.

The company has shown an aerial camera where they do 5G speed tests to demonstrate how their new phones work with this technology: when it detects that high speeds are needed, it uses 5G, but if it thinks it is not necessary, it uses LTE to save battery . The speed that 5G promises can reach 200 Gbps in downloading files (under very favorable conditions), but it also offers more network capacity to take full advantage of features such as augmented reality, and latency is reduced. benefits, Apple has defended the importance of its launch: the first iPhone with 5G.

The apple company has started with the iPhone 12, which would replace the iPhone 11 and, like this one, has two lenses and features more adjusted than the top of the range, the Pro models. The screen is 6.1-inch screen It is housed in a more square-shaped body, similar to that of the iPad Pro. In addition, according to the company, it is stronger, lighter and thinner than its predecessor. In addition, the glass used is the strongest that Apple has used in an iPhone and they promise that if it falls, there are four times more chances that it will not break than before.

The new iPhone 12 works with the A14 chip, the first processor for a 5nm smartphone, and with which Apple already equipped the iPad Air presented a month ago.

Also, as expected, the new iPhones will come without the headphones and power adapter (just the Lightning USB-C cable), which the company says will help reduce environmental impact and enable it to achieve its sustainability goal.

Fulfilling the rumors, the iPhone 12 will have an even smaller sibling this year, the iPhone 12 Mini, “the smallest 5G phone on the market,” according to the company.


The phone for the most demanding users is the Pro model, according to Apple. As usual, the company has opted for two versions, Pro and Pro Max, 6.1 and 6.7 inches in size, and like the iPhone 12, with a more square design that follows the style of the iPad Pro Apple has managed to increase the screen size (the 11 Pro had 5.9 and 6.5 inches) without growing the phone by further reducing the frames, but leaving the tab at the top to locate the front camera and sensors .

Both work with the A14 processor (which they define as a chip several generations ahead of any competing smartphone) and a larger battery, and unlike the iPhone 12 they have four lenses instead of two. In fact, this has been the section where the company has insisted the most when showing its new iPhone 12 Pro, ensuring that it is the most powerful camera on the market, even capable of meeting the needs of image professionals, both in photography and in video.

In addition, one of the lenses corresponds to a Lidar scanner, a technology used among architecture professionals and that NASA will use in its next mission to Mars and that will allow the iPhone to improve autofocus, images in night mode and will help the terminal when using augmented reality.

In reality, this technology allows us to measure the time it takes for light to reflect from objects and creates a depth map of the space you are in at the moment.

In the section of cameras is where the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max separate and, in addition to the size, the price difference is justified. According to Apple, the iPhone 12 Pro Max allows you to take 87% better photos in low light thanks to a 47% larger sensor, it has a 5x optical zoom and better image stabilization.

Like the iPhone 12, thanks to the Ceramic Shield finish, it offers four times more resistance to drops, in addition to IP68 water resistance.


Apple has reduced the size of its smart speaker, and its price, in a clear attempt to get closer to its big competitors, Google and Amazon, which are currently the kings of the market in this segment.

The new HomePod Mini has a spherical shape and a touch zone on the top. According to the company, its size does not mean a reduction in power, on the contrary, thanks to the Apple S5 chip.

For now, it will be compatible with Apple applications such as Music or Podcast, and radio stations from iHeartRadio, or TuneIn, but in a few months it will be able to be used with other applications such as Amazon Music or Pandora (with Spotify there is not the environment to integrations). Also, the HomePod works only with iPhone and the integration with Siri is total to know the weather situation, the news or the day’s agenda. In addition, with the new Intercom functionality you can send messages to all the Homepods in the house.

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