Boeing the sunset of a great company

A few years ago Boeing was the most important aeronautical company on the planet. being the most important civil constructor and having a position as a very relevant military builder.

However all this may begin to disappear. The problems of the B737Max could relegate him to a very secondary role for many years.

The problem of the B737 is that it is an evolution of an already very old model, whose first version was launched in 1964 and that, logically, has been constantly updated, but has a small problem, it is a plane too low that has forced the relocation of engines and this forced to install automatic devices to correct the inclination of the airplane in flight. And this device is what has caused the plane crash.

Why continue with the B737 design and not create a new one? for a pilot certification issue. Pilots who already had accreditation to fly previous B737 models with a small course could already pilot the new B737Max.

The solution to this is not easy, in aeronautics everything costs a lot of money and many years. But as President Trump said, fixing the B737Max and changing its name to gain credibility may be the most convenient in the short term. And perhaps to think that more evolutions of the B737 are not possible and it will be necessary to design a new airplane.
The rest of the Boeing family of civil aircraft are magnificent aircraft, but the bulk of the sale is the B737, just like its rival Airbus, it is the equivalent of the A320.

Regarding the Boeing military aircraft, a large contract has not been won for decades, the F-35 and F-22 fighters from Lockheed Martin, the B-21 bomber from Northrop Grumman, the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III transport Already stopped manufacturing, the hope is the refueling aircraft in flight Boeing KC-46 and the trainer plane Boeing T-7.

In short, Boeing is an extraordinary manufacturer, but the rivals have been surpassing it and if it does not reverse the situation with new models that surprise the market it will disappear. It is not the first time that a leading company ends up disappearing.

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