George Soros’s protégé Druckenmiller condemns the stock markets to a “three or five year” drought

Stanley Druckenmiller, one of the best traders of all time

Stanley Druckenmiller, one of the best traders of all time.

We have ‘borrowed’ so much that the bags will not give us any return for the next three or five years. “Says Stanley Druckenmiller, George Soros’ protégé who does not have a particularly optimistic view of the market for the next five years.

For Druckenmiller, who has enough name not to live in the long shadow of Soros, the victory of the Democrats in the imminent US elections may be that headwind that the markets need to fulfill their gloomy forecasts.

His words come to us from a virtual event of Robin Hood, the broker that advertises itself without commissions with great fanfare. Druckenmiller does not look down on all equities.

In fact, he joins other experts who, in recent weeks, advise investing in the ‘losers’ of the pandemic, that is, to securities especially beaten by it, such as airlines and cruise companies.


Druckenmiller sees good investment opportunities in them, especially if a vaccine against the virus ends up being discovered sooner rather than later and if that new round of stimulus finally arrives in the US economy. The other side of the coin is technology companies, which will pay dearly for their recent rally, which has precisely sustained the rises in stock markets in recent months.

Bloomberg reminds you to listen to everything Druckenmiller says, who has averaged 30% annual returns for several decades. He currently manages more than 5.8 billion dollars and, according to the US newspaper, his latest move focuses on betting on a tax increase and higher inflation in the US.

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