Mets owner Steve Cohen shuts down Twitter account over death threats

Billionaire investor Steve Cohen , owner of the Mets baseball team , viewed by small investors as an enemy in GameStop’s stock drama this week, deleted his Twitter account due to alleged death threats against him and his family, he said. a spokeswoman.

“I’m going to take a break for now,” Cohen said on Twitter late Friday, citing “personal threats.” 

His account no longer appeared on Saturday and a spokeswoman for Cohen’s Point72 Asset Management confirmed that it was closed.

The owner of the Mets and GameStop

Small investors, connected on social media, mobilized to take on the institutional short sellers of GameStop and other stocks, causing a small contraction that sent share prices higher. Details of Cohen’s holdings were not disclosed, so it was unclear if he was a short seller.

However, Cohen’s Point72 and Citadel LLC gave a capital injection to Melvin Capital , a fund that had a large short position on GameStop, allowing it to close that position at a large loss and survive.

Cohen, who previously used Twitter primarily to engage with fans of the New York Mets baseball team after he bought a majority stake last year, was among the fund managers who received threats as the GameStop saga unfolded. .

On Thursday, Cohen had a heated debate with blogger Dave Portnoy, who founded the sports and pop culture blog Barstool Sports. Cohen, worth about $ 14 billion, tweeted: “Hi Dave, what’s your problem with me? I’m just trying to make a living like you. “

Point72 lost 10-15% in value from the beginning of the year to the middle of the week, people familiar with the numbers said.

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