Reservations for the GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 are sold out in just one hour!

Year one electric Hummer EV annual production reserved

Year one electric Hummer EV annual production reserved.

If there is a company that has monopolized all the media focus during the last hours, especially in the United States, that has been General Motors because not every day a long-awaited return is announced as that of the GMC Hummer EV. The American colossus is back, although totally changed, not aesthetically but rather mechanically, as it has now become a 100% electric car. Such has been the expectation that reserves have been depleted much earlier than expected.

A complete success

We say this because the official General Motors website has posted the “all reserved” sign in just one hour. The only requirement that had to be met was to make a deposit of $ 100 to secure one of the copies that will arrive after the fall of next year, although we do not know if all these interested parties will be willing to pay the $ 112,595 – about 94,830 euros to change – asking the US entity for Edition 1 of the ecological colossus.

This version will be the first to arrive and the range will not be completed until 2024, as GM plans to launch each year a more decaffeinated version than the previous one until having the four options available for the GMC Hummer EV. Of all of them, the great protagonist is the aforementioned Edition 1 as it promises the highest specifications, off-road skills typical of a true off-road vehicle and an electric range of more than 565 kilometers. All this with a very attractive aesthetic and a body that allows you to enjoy driving under the open sky thanks to a roof with removable panels.

With more than 1,000 hp

Those in charge of driving the ecological 4×4 in Edition 1 will be three electric motors that when working in combination are capable of developing a power greater than 1,000 HP and a huge maximum torque of 15,574 Nm!, Although that figure will be measured in the wheels and not at the input of the gearbox. Even so, the Edition 1 is expected to have an exorbitant figure that allows the Hummer EV to enter any difficult terrain without fear of being left in the attempt, not forgetting 35-inch tires (37 ”optional) and an air suspension Thanks to the Extract mode, it is capable of raising the vehicle’s height by 149 millimeters.

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