Siemens Gamesa receives an order for 140 wind turbines

Siemens Gamesa has received a conditional order to supply 140 wind turbines of its most powerful model (11 MW) to the Swedish state power company Vattenfall for the ‘Hollandse Kust Zuid’ wind farm located on the coast of the Netherlands, with a total capacity of about 1, 5 GW.

The conditional order includes the supply, delivery and installation of 140 wind turbines of the updated version of the Direct Game offshore wind turbine of Siemens Gamesa. This is the most powerful model of the Spanish company and can reach a capacity of 11 MW. This increase in turbine power (available depending on site conditions) means less wind turbines to generate the same amount of energy, which reduces installation, operation and maintenance costs.

This order is in addition to what the Swedish power company made to the Spanish company last April to supply wind turbines to zones 1 and 2 of the ‘Hollandse Kust Zuid’ (HKZ) project. Now, the order is extended to zones 3 and 4, thus becoming the largest collaboration agreement signed so far between Siemens Gamesa and the Swedish power company.

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