Stopping the economy is not the solution

Stopping the economy is the European solution, a major disaster.

As I have shown well in other opinion articles, I do not share at all the measure of stopping the economy and locking up the population as a solution to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The solutions taken by a large part of European countries and on the part of the USA are not the solution, and what they show is lack of foresight and disorganization.

What we must demand of our leaders is that they know how to lead at the necessary times and are surrounded by advisers and suitable people. Closing a country’s economy will cost more trouble, and perhaps more lives, than the pandemic will carry. Perhaps we believe that there will be no people who, in the face of the loss of all their assets, will not take desperate measures.

And now I go to the European case. An area that boasts of having the best healthcare in the world. Well, reality shows that they are organizational chaos, with mediocre and outdated healthcare. The countries that have coped well with the pandemic are South Korea, Singapore, Australia and Japan, countries that have controlled the epidemic by thoroughly controlling their borders, previous drills to learn how to control the pandemic, cleaning and disinfecting areas public and rapid mass analysis from the first moment to control any focus of infection. And Europe? In Europe, none of these measures has been taken and the solution to control the pandemic is to kill the economy. Europe is outdated and old, has no plans at all, and risks being a second-rate area.

Europe’s famous social protection is to be practically a dictatorship by locking society up at home and killing its disastrous economy. This costs hundreds of billions of euros, money you do not have. Pre-diagnosis and early control of a disease are always cheaper and more efficient. And now that the European economy will suffer a major setback that will pass. It will happen that European unproductivity will generate unemployment and loss of wealth. Compared to the Asian countries that have already eaten the toast and today they are a more buoyant economic center.

And the case of the United States is a separate case, it is impossible to totally control the country due to how large it is. Massive tests are being carried out, which is why so many cases are being detected, but mortality there will be great, since all cases are identified. Although on the subject of medical supplies and medical tests they are ahead. It is very possible that it is the first place where partial medications are found for the disease, as has been the case with plasma transfusions and treatment with hydroxychloroquine with azithromycin are treatments that are already used in the USA.

And the day after the pandemic? The crisis is worldwide, but not everyone will suffer the same. The European countries that have paralyzed their economy will have a much more difficult time and will be the worst hit, especially small businesses.

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