The cloud, Microsoft’s great bet to continue setting record results

The market estimates Microsoft revenues of $ 35.76 billion

The market estimates Microsoft revenues of $ 35.76 billion.

Microsoft is not having a bad 2020. The 180 degree change that has taken place in the way of life around the world has made new technologies become much more important and those of Bill Gates are knowing how to monetize this new situation.

The party that is bringing out the virus is such that in July it declared a record income that beat all expectations. The technology company declared revenue of $ 38 billion, a figure 13% above that reported in the same period last year.

On October 27 he goes through the confessional again and expectations are very high. However, the market is bullish on Microsoft. “It is one of the best pillars of software, with a long-lasting financial model that shows growth of almost double digits of revolutions. We expect it to deliver solid results,” say the experts at Jefferies.

But what are Microsoft’s strengths? Jefferies analysts are clear on this. Microsoft’s success is largely due to the success of Azure, its pay-as-you-go public cloud. “We expect Azure to continue acting strongly, growing 42% year-on-year, as it benefits from a greater change to the cloud in the environment,” they stand out from the US financial company.

The market estimates that it declares revenues of $ 35.76 billion. A figure that could be jeopardized by several factors. “It can be difficult to match the growth in commercial reserves of the last two quarters,” they detail from Jefferies.

The change that has occurred in 2020 is a two-sided coin, the commitment to technology has clearly benefited it but “the margin prospects may be tepid given that 2020 appears to be a year of investment.”

Segments such as LinkedIn are the ones that have been most affected by the pandemic and could damage their accounts, although Jefferies clarifies that they expect them to be counted for their guidance.

The financier’s fears are not unfounded, Microsoft put expectations very high in the second quarter. Then the cloud was already one of his great allies. “We are the only company with an integrated modern technology stack, powered by cloud and artificial intelligence and backed by security and compliance, to help each organization transform and reimagine how they meet customer needs,” explained Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft.

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