What President Joe Biden Must Solve

Joe Biden elected president of the United States

Joe Biden elected president of the United States.

Trump’s victory four years ago took everyone by surprise. Now it was not clear to anyone that Trump would not be president again, but it has not been possible and Biden has won the elections in the United States. The situation is very different from when Trump won and now with Biden’s victory we have to consider the challenges he faces after the elections.

The economy in the time of COVID

Biden has to face the coronavirus pandemic first and address more measures to prevent its contagion, such as the use of masks in public, carry out free tests to all citizens or hire trackers. Accompanied by all this, it is clear that Biden has to overcome many problems at the economic and social level. The US economy has always gone according to its own dynamics, that is, Wall Street has shown no concern for Biden’s victory. Well it has to get to reduce the unemployment rate, which is now 8 percent, and recover GDP growth with the great decline suffered by the negative effects of the coronavirus pandemic, they will be objectives that will mark the mandate of Good. Another area of ​​Biden’s action in the United States economy is tax policy, which should be maximized if in the end there is an increase in the tax burden, as has been hinted at in the campaign.

Biden’s economical solutions of more spending and more taxes are usually not very good. Raise taxes in times when you need to resume activity. Impulses are needed to create more work because it is not what results. Remember that before the pandemic, the US already suffered a high deficit, and now it will be higher. With Trump as president, the para was reduced to a historically low level, and many of his measures were successful. Biden’s measures, closer to European policies, are not very productive. We can see how Europe is going, with high deficits, high taxes, very high public spending and little innovation.

Challenges in emigration and the health system

Biden’s social policy is going to be very different from what Trump has carried out when it comes to immigration and healthcare in the United States. Biden has exposed in his campaign that he will regularize more than 11 million without papers. In the campaign, he vowed to reverse the Trump administration’s policies that have separated parents from their children at the borders of the United States. On the other hand, in terms of health, Biden will continue with Obama’s health care system, called Obamacare, which Trump tried several times to repeal. Although Trump managed to shed and make-up part of the healthcare system project.

Reclaiming the international relations that Trump set about destroying

With Trump, the diplomacy of the United States has not been one of his characteristics, since he has dedicated himself, in his mandate, to convulse the entire world, but for Bien it will not be difficult to recover the different relations. The international policy of the United States has always been characterized by not having many changes in successive administrations. Now, Biden States have to recover relations with Europe, recover the measures of Iran’s nuclear race, or recover the Paris Agreement on environmental issues, among many others. For US diplomacy, Asia is the main objective, with Iran in the Middle East and China, with whom a new cold war has started. On the other hand, Trump’s agreements with Saudi Arabia should maintain a continuity path, since it is the traditional enemy of Iran, and it is a determining factor that cannot be ignored.

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