Winners and losers of this pandemic

Winners and losers are sure to be more, but China is the big loser

Winners and losers are sure to be more, but China is the big loser.


This crisis generated by the Covid-19 pandemic will change us, no one knows how, but since then there will be winners and losers.

Of course we will rethink, especially at first if our society is correct and this has not been the Wrath of God against the human being, but the truth is that there have been many pandemics and there will be again.

For me the losers in this crisis are the collective mobility systems, the urban bus, the subway and to a lesser extent the plane. And the winner will be the car. And it is that this crisis will not make more distrustful towards others and we will circumvent a certain distance.

And the big loser of this crisis is China. Because a great distrust is going to be installed towards this country. Distrust that I recognize already had.

We have allowed China to steal and copy us for years, where the West has shown itself to be silly, but now China has shown the worst of itself. It hid the appearance of the Covid-19, it hid the opinions of its scientists, it hid the real figures of the crisis in China (or is that someone believes something that comes from there). And China, which is the great factory in the world, has left the West in terms of all sanitary material, since very little is manufactured in the West.

And what will happen, since no one will have Chinese companies as the sole supplier, and from now on the countries will require to have national manufacturers for certain products or a second supplier that is not Chinese, or perhaps a mixture of everything. But what is certain is that entrusting China with being the factory of the world is over.

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